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Mick Defender (4 life points): If he is only target of card other than BANG, he may discard MISS card to avoid card or its effect.

Evalin The Bang (4 life points): In her phase 1, she may not to draw first card to shoot BANG at distance 1.

Henry Block (4 life points): Any another player who discards or draws from Henry hand or in front him, is target of BANG.

Lemonade Jim (4 life points): When another player plays BEER card, he may discard any card to refill 1 life point.

Colorado Bill (4 life points): Eachtime any player play MISSED! against BANG! card from Colorado: Colorado draws: on Spades, MISSED! is ignored and that player lose 1 life points.


Brown border card:


Escape If you are solo target of card other than BANG! card, you may discard this card to avoid that card's effect.

Last Beer Refill 1 life point even in game last 2 players.

Tornado Each player shift 2 cards from his hand to player on his left. All player act together.

Backfire Count as MISSED!. Player who shot you, is now target of BANG!.

Tomahawk Bang at distance 2.


Aiming Play with Bang card. If defending player does'nt miss, he loses 2 life points instead 2.

Faning Bang at reachable distance. You hit addional player at distance 1 from 1st target(except you).

Saved! Play out your turn. By discarding prevent any player to lost 1 life. In case of safe from death, you draw 2 card form hand of saved player.


Blue border card:


Lemat gun, range 1: In your turn, you may use any card like BANG card.

Shootgun: gun, range 1: If any player is hit by BANG! card by player with SHOTGUN, that player discard 1 card from hand at his choice.

Bounty: Play in front any player. Player who succesfully hit player with BOUNTY with BANG! card, he draws a card.

Rattlesnake Play in front any player. At beginnings of that player's turn, he draws: On Spade, he lose 1 life point, otherwise he does nothing.

Ghost Play in front any eliminated player. He return to game without his ability and possibilty to grain or lose any life point. He play as normal player. - genealogie, tvorba webů - logo