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The 15 cards of this new BANG! expansion, partly created by fans of the original game, are the ideal for who loved (or missed!) the High Noon expansion.


  • 15 cards
  • rules


The game proceeds as normal BANG! with these changes: the Sheriff shuffles these cards separate from the regular cards face down and puts A Fistful of Cards on top.

Then he puts this stack face up near himself.
Starting with his second turn, before the Sheriff takes his turn, he removes the first card off the stack (taking care so that only the next card is revealed).

He reads the card aloud, and then puts it in the centre of the table creating a “Fistful of Cards” pile. The card on top of this pile is now in play, and players must follow its effects until it is covered by a new card.
“At the start of his turn” means the card takes effect before any other action. A Fistful of Cards stays in effect until the game ends.


A Fistful of Cards
At the beginning of your turn, you are the target of as many BANG!s as the number of cards in your hand.

Abandoned Mine
In phase 1 of your turn, you must draw from the discard pile if possible. If you can, then for the whole turn you play cards face down on the draw deck.

The distance between any two players is 1. This is modiefied as normal by cards in play.

Blood Brothers
At the beginning of your turn, you may lose one life (not your last one!) to give one life to any player you choose.

Dead Man
On your turn, if you were the first player eliminated, you come back into play with 2 life and 2 cards until killed again.

Hard Liquor
You may skip phase 1 to regain 1 life point.

Cards in play in front of all players have no effect for the entire round.

Law of the West
During phase 1 of your player's turn, you must show the 2nd card drawn. If possible, that card must be played that turn.

Instead of drawing in phase 1, you must guess if the suit color of the top card on the deck is red or black. You then draw and show it: if you guessed right, you keep it. Repeat until you guess wrong, then proceed to phase 2.

At the end of phase 2 of your turn, you may discard any number od cards from your hand and then draw an equal number from the deck (only once!).

You may discard a BANG! card against a card in play in front of any player: each card is discarded if its owner does not play a Missed! card. You may do this as long as you have BANG! cards.

Russian Roulette
When Russian Roulette enters play, starting from the Sheriff each player discards a Missed!, until one player does not: that player loses 2 life points and the Roulette stops.

Sniper During your turn, you may discard 2 BANG! cards together and target a player: this counts as a BANG! but it may only be cancelled by 2 Missed! cards.

The Judge
For the whole round, you cannot play cards in front of yourself or any other player.

At the end of your turn, you "draw!": on a Heart, you play another turn ( but you do not "draw!" again).

BANG! – A Fistful of Cards
author Emiliano Sciarra and winners of "A Fistful of Cards" contents:

  • Antoine Bauza(FRA)
  • Francesco Berardi(ITA)
  • Jan Blatný(CZE)
  • Francesco Cognetti(ITA)
  • Rossel Comeau(CAN)
  • Simon Davies(GBR)
  • Fiammetta Filzi(ITA)
  • Tom McEnroe V(USA)
  • Kirsten Roelleke(DEU)
  • Jesus Torres Castro(ESP)
  • Marco Varisco(ITA)
  • Yo Woo-Jik(KOR)

BANG! - A Fistful of Cards
by Emiliano Sciarra
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