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Eldorado is place where is gold everywhere, but when somebody try to touch it, can be dead. Grave digger has much to do there. Beware of Dead Sheriff's Ghost, because you can be in jail for your whole life, try to escape and Cavalry will be hard upon you. When you try to defend yourself, you discover that you have Wet Ammo. So you call upon a Devil and you make a blood contract with him.


  • 17 Eldorado cards
  • 1 Grave digger card
  • rules

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Stack the cards before starting the game, and put the deck face side down.
Sheriff faces the very top card of the ELDORADO deck before he starts his turn.
The card is valid for two rounds unless not cancelled during the two rounds by an ACE (discarded or played) of a following player (must be his turn). The card is valid for the period of time unless otherwise mentioned.
If not cancelled during the two rounds, the subsequent card is faced up by a following player clockwise after Sheriff ( he is the player who can cancel even the original card of the ELDORADO deck by putting it underneath in the deck ).If somebody played an ACE in his turn, he cancel the original ELDORADO card and immediately face up the new one(in this case at the end of his turn). Another player in the game is follows the rules of the new one and simultaneously he became player, who can face another ELDORADO card after two rounds, if ACE wasn't played.


Cavalry - Deputies, if they reveal their identity, they can play the BANG! card twice within random distance in one round (during the Cavalry card validity).

Daring Challenge - A player who is attacked by BANG! card must defend by flipping over a card from the deck (he must not use MISSED or any other card). If a value of the flipped card is lower, player loses 1 life. If the value is higher or the same, the card has the same effect as MISSED. If the card is the same and higher, and the same color, it has the same effect on the player (who shot) as the BANG! card, and he must defend (himself) the same way.

Dead Sheriff's Ghost – Dead characters return into game just for a period of validity of the card. They draw one card, and they are eligible first to displace any of the cards laid on the table to another player ( in terms of agreement - e.g. a player must not have two weapons laid in front of him on the table etc.). None of them is allowed to be kept or discarded. Drawn card is used the usual way, but never against Sheriff. Dead characters must not hold any card in their hands. They don't have lives, it is impossible to kill them.

Desperados - Outlaws (if they dare to uncover their identity) draw three cards in the first phase of their turn. They even can use the MISSED instead of the BEER card.

Duch mrtvého Šerifa – Mrtvé postavy se vrací do hry na dobu platnosti této karty. Líznou si jednu kartu a mají právo jakékoli vyložené karty před ostatními hráči přemístit jinému hráči (v rámci pravidel – např. hráč nesmí mít vyložené dvě zbraně, atd.). Žádnou z nich si nesmí ponechat ani odhodit. Líznutou kartu použijí obvyklým způsobem ovšem nikdy přímo proti šerifovi. Na konci tahu nesmí mít žádnou kartu v ruce. Nemají životy, nelze je zabít.

Devil's pact - First player who loses his last life during effectiveness of this card, is not dead. Still in game as Outlaw with three (two) lives. He keeps this card in front of him, playing as usual, and he is allowed to use all cards except those ones recurring lives (Beer, Saloon, Tequila, Whisky, Canteen).

Dough Badman – Any players except Sheriff can at the beginning of his draw, discard 2 cards and get 1 life. After that, player advances in first phase, i.e. he picks a card from the deck.

Eldorado - Each player (in the 1st phase of turn) takes a card held by player next to him on the left. Second card is drawn from a card deck (laid on the table). Then, one of his card(his choice which) hands over to the player next to him on the right, and carries on the 2nd phase.

Grave digger – First player who loses his last life with this card, is not dead. He becomes grave digger. The player keeps this card laid on the table as his own character card. His task is doing harm tothe rest of players (even deputies) in order to cause their death and stay in the game with Sheriff as the only ones.

Grave digger's particular characteristics:
His skinny figure is hard to hit 'cause he's got a permanent Barrel. Any of players will miss the target trying to shoot at Grave digger in case the first drawn card are SPADES.
Grave digger draws his first card from a random chosen player in the first stage of his turn.
He must not shoot at the rest of players.
He cannot use the BANG! card for shooting, but the MISSED one only.
He cannot be challenged for a DUEL.
In case one of players is hit by another one, Grave digger takes one card (aside his turn) from the hited player (from his hand or from those on the table) and keeps it. If he has not a card, he loses another life.
Other situations are played according to the BANG! rules (i.d. all other cards uses like the rest of players do. Players can use the JAIL, DYNAMITE, BANG! etc against him).
Horse Stealer – All players with MUSTANG, APPALOOSA, SILVER, HIDEOUT in front of them on table, cannot use these cards during the ELDORADO card validity. A first player who will cancel this ELDORADO card , will take away these cards(see above) and choose one of them and keeps it in his hand, other cards are discarded to the discard deck.

Lifetime - If this card is faced up by anyone, Sheriff can take and use it as Jail (Prison) card on any player. The player, who has this card in front of him laid on the table, gets outta Prison by himself, or if someone else plays an ACE (i.e. cancels this ELDORADO card). Ergo, this card can lie (idle) in front of a player more than two rounds.
If Sheriff puts in front of someone Lifetime card, another ELDORADO card will be faced up within two rounds or after ACE canceling, even if this Lifetime card is still staying in front of player, nobody played ACE and these two rounds come to an end, it is possible to face up next ELDORADO card.
Lou – Any of HEARTS can be played as the BEER, if you have only two lives or less.

Mad Ride – Game goes on at alternately every other player. First player (who flipped over the ELDORADO card) plays as usually, the second one just draws a card (which is discarded straight away). If he can cancel the ELDORADO card(not from hand) by this card(ACE), he goes on the round, if not, the following player does as normal, another following player will be playing as the second one. Mad Ride card is not played in case there are just two remaining players. Players who were skipped over can defend (themselves) against the BANG cards as usually, even take advantage of discarded cards.
Note: It's like every other has the JAIL card.

Nugget - All players draw 3 cards in the first phase of their turn, and can have in hand a random number of cards during validity of the Nugget.

Scout – All players who does not have any blue or green weapon card (in front of him), can see (during the card validity) at distance 3(players are closer).
Sioux Chief – The one who plays the INDIANS card takes from each player one card from hand (if available). He picks one of them, keeps it and the rest sends to the following player in direction the game is played (further as General store). When no cards left for the last player (players), he must play (discard) the BANG! Card(shoot Indians).

Wet Ammo – All players can see at distance 1 regardless the cards displayed on the table. An opponent to be hit is necessary to get 2 BANG! Cards.


Winifred – Sheriff together with all female characters can add 1 life point when second phase of their turns is starting.

Wild Shot – A player shows his first drawn card. If SPADES, its value shows which player loses his life (in the direction of round). He can't use the MISSED nor any other card. Counting starts from the player who is on turn(value of J, Q, K, A counts as 10).


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