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Play in your Browser

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Multiplayer or against AI, or both.

Once you start a game, you are sent to the lobby. The lobby has a link you can share with friends to have them join your game.

Game features:
Tool tips for roles, characters, cards
Highlights available targets
Game history

If friends disconnect, their role is taken over by AI.

Works on any platform. All you need is a browser.
Been running for years. Recently fixed some AI bugs.
All rules from the original game are implemented.

Open source project, help yourself the source code.
html, css, javascript, Java Servlet

Better AI
Custom Graphics
Custom Language

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you,
Title page of Kraplow
Title page of Kraplow
title2.jpg (188.27 KiB) Zobrazeno 14300 x
Lobby page of Kraplow
Lobby page of Kraplow
lobby.jpg (157.14 KiB) Zobrazeno 14300 x
Playing Kraplow
Playing Kraplow
kraplow.jpg (158.03 KiB) Zobrazeno 14300 x
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