Infinite BANG! (English version)

what is your variant to play BANG!?

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Infinite BANG! (English version)

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I have translated the rules to Infinite BANG! by Aitor Vilchez. See ... glish.html . You may have noticed his boards or files that were placed on Board game geek. I had been interested in, and had been working on an Infinite BANG! of my own, and when I saw Aitor's work I was excited. While it has some downsides--roles are always revealed--his mod still looks pretty fun. Some people had asked if there was an English version, but no one was forthcoming so I translated it myself. The idea of Infinite BANG! is to deal with the problem of eliminated players who have to set out. Instead of being removed from the game, when players die, they get new characters and roles. Winning the game revolves around a point system where killing/hitting different roles depending on your role gives you more/less points. You want to earn as many points as you can by the end of the game. If this basic concept interests you, go to the BANG! blog for more information on this variation and my English translation.
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Re: Infinite BANG! (English version)

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We have an another infinite Bang! variant:
Take WWS without any countdown and Gag, and add Teren Kill. Let the number of the players be more than 7. Than the game will be infinite.