Blessing, Curse, Barrel, Jail, Dynamite

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Blessing, Curse, Barrel, Jail, Dynamite

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The general question is: when Blessing or Curse make obvious the result of a "draw", is it necessary to draw anyway?
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Yes, i think so.
Because otherwise the player after you would get a different card.

In my group, we always draw with a sarcastic comment like "Oh! What a surprise, it's spades. Boom goes the dynamite!"
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well, on dynamite u have to draw anyway - just to see whether it's from 2 to 9...
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Yes, you are required to "draw!" anyway.
Curretly there is little or no difference, but there may be some character in the future who will work on the "draw!" cards.
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Re: Blessing, Curse, Barrel, Jail, Dynamite

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Blessing, Curse, Apache Kid has no ability.
Curse, Teren Kill has no ability.