FAQ - Dodge City - by Emiliano Sciarra

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FAQ - Dodge City - by Emiliano Sciarra

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BANG! – Dodge City
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
by Emiliano Sciarra


Note: questions marked with * refer to the High Noon expansion.

Apache Kid 10
Bill Noface 16*, 18*
Chuck Wengam 20*
Doc Holyday 15
Greg Digger 19*
Herb Hunter 19*
Pixie Pete 17*, 18*

Sean Mallory 11, 12
Slab the Killer 4
Tequila Joe 9
Vera Custer 3, 13, 21*
Vulture Sam 3, 11

Barrel 2
Buffalo Rifle 2, 4
Canteen 1, 8
Conestoga 14
Derringer 2, 4
Dynamite 6
Hideout 5
Howitzer 2, 4
Iron Plate 7
Knife 2, 4
Pepperbox 2, 4
Punch 2, 4
Rag Time 14
Silver 5
Springfield 2, 4
Tequila 1, 8
Thirst 16*, 17*
Whisky 1, 8

Ghost Town 18*, 19*, 20*
Hangover 21*
Train Arrival 16*, 17*

D1. Can I play Whisky, Tequila, Canteen out of my turn if I am losing my last life point?
R. No. Even if these cards show the “regain one life point” symbol, only Beer cards, as a rule, can
be played out of your turn.

D2. Can I use the Barrel when I am the target of Punch, Knife, Springfield, Buffalo Rifle,
Howitzer, Pepperbox, Derringer?
R. Yes. As a rule of thumb, the Barrel works against all cards showing a BANG! symbol.

D3. If Vera Custer has currently the same ability of Vulture Sam and another player is
eliminated, who takes his cards?
R. The cards of the eliminated player must be divided between Vera Custer and Vulture Sam. Who
among Vera and Sam is next to the killed character, in clockwise order, chooses the first card
(either randomly from the hand of the killed character, or among her “in play” cards). Then, the
other one takes another card, and so on, until all cards of the eliminated player have been
distributed between the two.

D4. When Slab the Killer plays Punch, Knife, Springfield, Buffalo Rifle, Howitzer, Pepperbox,
Derringer, how many Missed! are required to avoid losing one life point?
R. You will need just one Missed! only. Slab the Killer’s ability applies to BANG! cards only.

D5. Can I have simultaneously in play Appaloosa and Silver, Mustang and Hideout, or any
given combination of these cards?

R. Yes. They all have different name, so there is no limitation.

D6. What happens when there are two Dynamite in play and only two players still alive?
R. The Dynamite must pass to the first player (in clockwise order) without a Dynamite already in
play. So, if the Dynamite does not explode, it stays in front of the same player, because the other
one has already another in play.

D7. Can I have two Iron Plate simultaneously in play?
R. No: generally speaking, you can never have in front of you two cards which share the same

D8. Can I play Tequila, Whisky, Canteen if there are only two players still alive?
R. Yes, they are not Beer cards. However, you still cannot use them out of your turn to save your

D9. If Tequila Joe is killed and he has a Beer in hand, how many life points he gains?
R. If Tequila Joe suffers one life point only, it goes to 2 life points. However, if he is being
eliminated by means of a Dynamite, you have to sum up all lost life points and gained life points
to see if (and how) he survives. For example, if he was at 1 life point and the Dynamite explodes,
Tequila Joe would go to -2 life points, so he will need two Beer cards to save his life (in this
case, he will go to -2 + 4 = 2 life points).

D10. Does the ability of Apache Kid prevent other players to play Missed! cards of Diamond
against his BANGs?
R. No. Apache Kid’s ability applies to cards played by other players only, thus during other players’
turns. Therefore, he is unaffected by about half of the BANG! Cards, by all Indians!, by
Conestoga and by some Cat Balou and Panic! played against him. Other cards (General Store,
Hideout, weapons etc.) always works normally.

D11. How many cards Vulture Sam receives when Sean Mallory is killed?
R. Vulture Sam gets all the cards of Sean Mallory, both in hand and in front of him.

D12. How many cards Sean Mallory can hold in his hand?
R. Even if in the card text “any number of cards” is stated, to avoid situations where the game could
progress too slowly with excessively careful players, as a tournament rule a maximum of 15
cards is allowed.

D13. If Vera Custer is in Jail, can she copy the ability of Lucky Duke (if he is alive) before
checking for the “draw!”?
R. No, unless she already copied Lucky Duke’s ability in the previous turn. As a matter of fact,
Vera Custer’s ability is triggered during phase 1 (before drawing), but the Jail forces to entiely
skip this phase. So, you have to check first if Vera Custer escapes from the Jail: if she does not,
then she has no ability whatsoever until her next turn.

D14. How Conestoga and Rag Time work?
R. Just read the symbols. They both allow you to draw a card (from the hand of among “in play”
cards) from any one player, regardless of the distance.

D15. How far can shoot Doc Holyday when he uses his ability?
R. Any reachable distance.

High Noon

D16. How many cards Bill Noface draws when he has 2 life points and Thirst or Train Arrival
are in play?
R. If the Thirst is in play, Bill Noface draws 3 cards. With the Train Arrival, he draws 5 cards.

D17. How many cards Pixie Pete draws when he has 2 life points and Thirst or Train Arrival
are in play?
R. If the Thirst is in play, Pixie Pete draws 3 cards. With the Train Arrival, he draws 5 cards.

D18. How many cards Bill Noface and Pixie Pete draw when they enter in play as ghosts
thanks to the Ghost Town?
R. Bill Noface enters in play with 5 cards, Pixie Pete with 4 cards.

D19. How the ability of Greg Digger and Herb Hunter must be applied when a ghost leaves
play due to the Ghost Town?
R. Each time a ghost leaves play, Greg Digger regains 2 life points while Herb Hunter draws 2
cards from the deck.

D20. Can Chuck Wengam use his ability while he is a ghost with the Ghost Town?
R. Generally, no, since ghost enter in play with no life points. However, if Chuck Wengam regains
one or more life points somehow (e.g. by use of Beer or Whisky) he can actually use his ability.

D21. Which ability has Vera Custer while the Hangover is in play?
R. During Hangover, of course Vera Custer cannot choose any ability. However, she has the ability
he chose in the previous round until the start of his turn.
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I do not understand D17
Can someone explain it to me?
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valinko píše:I do not understand D17
Can someone explain it to me?
hi, those FAQ were referring to the 'old' version of Pixie Pete who was drawing 4 cards per turn. So 3 with the Thirst, 5 with the Train Arrival.

With 2nd edition of Dodge City he normally draws 3 cards. So 2 with the Thirst, 4 with the Train Arrival.