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Ambush and Paul Regret

Napsal: 12 říj 2008, 21:04
od Guest
Ambush - "The distance between any two players is 1. This is modified only by cards in play"

Is Paul Regret considered a "card in play"?
Or, in other words, does this take away Paul Regret's ability?

Napsal: 13 říj 2008, 10:59
od dmitrijsadlo
I think it removes his ability. Cards in play could be Mustang, Appaloosa, etc. The character card wouldn't be considered to be "a card in play". This is my explanation of the rules.

Napsal: 13 říj 2008, 13:34
od lucabil
When the ambush is active, distances are calculated as if the [b:93660cfd00]physical[/b:93660cfd00] distance between any two players was 1.

Over this, all the appliable effects are applied (horses, paul, rose, etc ...)

Napsal: 15 říj 2008, 14:02
od dmitrijsadlo
ok. your explanation makes sense. :)