Sheriff abilities

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Pixie Pete
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Sheriff abilities

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When playing with the Fistful of cards, can the Sheriff use the affects of the cards. For instance: If the Sheriff flipped the card Peyote before his turn, can he use the affect of Peyote and choose whether the card on the draw pile is red or black? Or does he just draw from the draw pile regularly, like just drawing two cards but everyone else is affected by the affects of Peyote.

Now please answer this as soon as you can, it would be very helpful and appreciated.

My family and I are playing with Fistful of Cards and I don't want to be playing it the incorrect way, any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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It is the same like High noon expansion. Once the Sheriff "flippes" one of the cards before his turn, the card's effect is hereby activated. Thus, in the example, the Sheriff is obliged to behave according to Peyote's effect immiedately.