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FAQ - High Noon - by Emiliano Sciarra

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[b:e35ec29200]BANG! – High Noon [/b:e35ec29200]
FAQ by Emiliano Sciarra

[b:e35ec29200]Index [/b:e35ec29200]
Ghost Town 7, 8, 9
Gold Rush 3
Handcuffs* 10
New Identity* 11
The Daltons 4
The Reverend 9
The Sermon 2, 5
Thirst 6
Train Arrival 6
* these are additional cards on the website: http://www.davincigames.com

Q1. Can I use a Saloon while The Reverend is in play?
A. Yes. As always, the Saloon is never a Beer card, it only shares the same symbol on the card.

Q2. When there is The Sermon in play, can I respond with BANG! cards during my turn
during a Duel?
A. No. You cannot use BANG! cards in your turn with The Sermon in play. So, if you play a Duel,
you will automatically lose a life point if your opponent plays a BANG! card.

Q3. When there is the Gold Rush in play, does the Dynamite still move clockwise, and does the
order of card drawing of the General Store remain clockwise?
A. Yes. The text on the card clearly states so.

Q4. Can I discard a Jail or a Dynamite in front of me when The Daltons enter in play?
A. Yes.

Q5. Can Calamity Janet use Missed! cards as they were BANG! cards while The Sermon is in
A. No. When Calamity Janet plays Missed! cards as they were BANG! cards, they are considered
real BANG! cards. So she cannot use them during The Sermon.

Q6. How I have to play with Kit Carlson when there is the Train Arrival or the Thirst in play?
A. If the Thirst is in play, Kit Carlson looks at the first three cards, but he draws only one of them:
he must place the other two on the top of the deck, in the same order he drew them. If the Train
Arrival is in play, he simply draws three cards (technically speaking, he looks at the first three
cards, places one of them on the top of the deck… and then draws that card, too).

Q7. What happens if the Sheriff is eliminated by a ghost while the Ghost Town is in play?
A. As the text on the card states, each “ghost” is in play until the end of his turn: if the game ends
during his turn, he is considered to be in play for victory purposes. So, if the ghost was an Outlaw
or a Deputy, Outlaws win because at least another player (the ghost himself) different from the
Renegade is in play. If the ghost was the Renegade, he wins if after killing the Sheriff there are no
other players alive, otherwise Outlaws win.

Q8. How I have to play my turn as a ghost when the Ghost Town is in play?
A. The ghost draws 3 cards, plays as many cards as he wants, and then discards all exceeding cards
in his hands… that means all the cards in his hand since he has no life points! At the end of his
turn he is eliminated again, so all of his cards go to Vulture Sam, if this character is in play,
otherwise they are discarded as usual.

Q9. Can I use the special ability of my character in phase 1 of my turn when I return in play
as a ghost with the Ghost Town?
A. Yes. For example, Pedro Ramirez can draw the first card from the discard pile.

Q10. When the Handcuffs are in play, can I use cards of any suit outside of my turn?
A. Yes.

Q11. For the purposes of the New Identity, do players know the second character card of
A. Yes. The second card, which is normally used to keep the life point scoring, is
shown to all players as soon as it is drawn. Remember that you can look again at
this card before deciding to change your character.