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first unofficial expansion set for BANG!

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New English Translation

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While I am grateful that some translation of El Dorado was made into English, I believe that a serious update of the text and the cards is needed. I reinterpreted the text to create a much clearer (in my opinion) English translation yesterday, but as I did so, I noticed that there are many conceptual holes in the expansion that have raised several questions. Before I give the new English translation, I wanted to have these questions answered and some problems addressed. Once I sort this out, I would like to have access to an unlocked PDF file for the El Dorado English cards so that I can update them (and work on managing the file size better). Can I have permission to do this? So, as for questions:

1. Dead Sheriff's Ghost. Do the dead players have distance constraints or not? In other words, if they drew a BANG! card, could they play it on any player regardless of distance, or only players at distance 1 (with their default Colt .45)?

2. Devil's Pact. Does the player who possesses the devil's pact keep his character's ability? If yes, can characters use abilities that provide healing? For instance, could Sid Ketchum use his ability to regain life points even though Devil's Pact does not allow players to use cards to regain life points (Sid Ketchum is discarding cards with his ability, not using them).

3. El Dorado. Just making sure that by the end of each player's drawing phase they only keep 1 drawn card total right (1 card from player to left + 1 card from deck - 1 card to player to right = 1 card)?

4. Horse Stealer. Is Scope (the newer Appaloosa) included amongst the affected cards? It is not thematic with the card, but neither was Hideout. I just wanted to know if a decision was made either way here.

5. Lifetime (Imprisonment). So the card can be cancelled two ways to bring about a new El Dorado card before two rounds have passed, correct? An Ace is discarded and thus it ends (new El Dorado card flipped over at end of phase 3), or the player in prison "draws!" a heart, gets out of Lifetime Imprisonment, discards Lifetime Imprisonment, and finishes his turn (new El Dorado card flipped over at end of phase 3). Besides this, it seems that an Ace can only cancel the Lifetime Imprisonment during the first two rounds, correct? For then a new El Dorado card is flipped over, and I imagine the cancellation would apply to the new card instead of the old card. Or does whoever play/discard an Ace decide which card is cancelled?

6. Wet Ammo. I understood the card as saying this: "All players see only 1 distance regardless of the cards in play in front of them. To attack another player it is necessary to play 2 BANG! cards." So they cannot attack them with other attack cards, only BANG! cards? Can they attack with say a Knife-BANG! combo instead, so that they require 2 cards with BANG! symbols to attack?


1. Cavalry and Desperados. These cards severely put the Renegade at a disadvantage (he cannot even temporarily pretend to be a deputy or outlaw), and also puts the Outlaws at a disadvantage in 7-player. More problematically, it basically guarantees that a Sheriff won't kill his own deputy and suffer the penalty of losing all his cards. I think these cards extremely change the nature of the game and I would scrap them.

2. Grave Digger. I think this card should be removed from El Dorado. For one, people jump to be the first die as has been noted earlier, and the Sheriff-Deputy-Grave Digger scenario where only those 3 remain is problematic. The Sheriff, now basically guaranteed to win unless he explodes on dynamite or some other random card (which would be really funny in this scenario), sort of just chooses who he is going to win the game with? Lame.

3. Winifred. Funny gender situation, but it seems silly that just because you were dealt a female character that you potentially get 2 free health. Uber stronger for the Sheriff too.