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FAQ - BANG v.2.0 - by Emiliano Sciarra

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[b:1512c0a944]BANG![/b:1512c0a944] – Second Edition FAQ
by Emiliano Sciarra

Generic 1, 7, 8, 12, 13, 27, 30

Appaloosa 5
Barrel 2, 16, 27
Beer 15, 17, 33
Cat Balou 28
Dinamite 14, 29, 32
Duel 6, 21, 23, 24, 26
Gatling 3, 20, 35
Indians! 31, 35
Mustang 5
Panic! 4, 28
Jail 15
Saloon 9, 10, 11

Burt Cassidy 18, 32
Calamity Janet 21
El Gringo 18, 23, 25
Lucky Duke 30
Sid Ketchum 34
Slab the Killer 2, 20, 22
Suzy Lafayette 22, 24, 25
Vulture Sam 14, 19

[b:1512c0a944]Q1[/b:1512c0a944] Can players talk during the game?
A. Of course! That’s one of the most amusing aspects of the game. However, players cannot ask questions directly related to the playing of the cards (e.g. they cannot ask the Sheriff if they can play a Gatling).

[b:1512c0a944]Q2[/b:1512c0a944]. How can a player with a Barrel in play avoid a shot from Slab the Killer?
A. First of all, he has to “draw!”: if he doesn’t reveals a Heart card, he must play two Missed! Cards in order to avoid the shot, otherwise, he will need only one Missed! card. He cannot “draw!” two times.

[b:1512c0a944]Q3[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a BANG! if I have already played a Gatling in the same turn?
A. Yes. Even if the two cards have similar effects, the Gatling is not a BANG! card.

[b:1512c0a944]Q4[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I choose a player at a distance greater than 1 when playing a Panic! card if I have a Weapon card in play?
A. No. Weapons don’t change the distance between players: they simply allow to reach more distant players with a BANG! card. However, cards which actually modify the distance (e.g. Mustang and Appaloosa, and the ability of characters like Rose Doolan and Paul Regret) must be considered in these situations.

[b:1512c0a944]Q5[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I have Mustang and Appaloosa both in play at the same time?
A. Yes: they don’t share the same name.

[b:1512c0a944]Q6[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a BANG! if I used one or more BANG! cards in the same turn because of a Duel?
A. Yes. The BANG! cards used for the Duel are not counted because they are “discarded”, not “played”.

[b:1512c0a944]Q7[/b:1512c0a944]. When a player is eliminated, in which order his cards are put in the discard pile?
A. The player being eliminated chooses the order.

[b:1512c0a944]Q8[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I affect “role” or “character” cards in some way?
A. No! “Role” and “Character” cards are never affected during the game by any card.

[b:1512c0a944]Q9[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play Saloon when there are only two players in play?
A. Yes, it is not a Beer card. However, you can do it during your turn only.

[b:1512c0a944]Q10[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a Saloon if I am losing my last life point?
A. No. Unlike Beer, Saloon can be played only during step 2 of your turn, and only if you are capable of playing cards. For example, if you lose your last life point after a Duel in your turn, you are eliminated before you could use Saloon.

[b:1512c0a944]Q11[/b:1512c0a944]. If I am eliminated, do I regain a life point when someone else plays Saloon?
A. Of course not! When it says “all other players” it means “all other players still alive”.

[b:1512c0a944]Q12[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I voluntarily discard my cards?
A. No, neither cards from your hand nor cards in play in front of you. Only the character Sid Ketchum can discard exactly 2 cards when he chooses so to regain one life point.

[b:1512c0a944]Q13[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a card while the effect of another one is not yet terminated (e.g. play a Panic! while that player is choosing which card to draw for a General Store)?
A. No. Before playing any card you must wait for the previous one to end all its effects.

[b:1512c0a944]Q14[/b:1512c0a944]. If the Dynamite explodes eliminating a player, does the character Vulture Sam draw the Dynamite along with all other cards of the player eliminated?
A. No. To complete the effect of the Dynamite you have to discard it after it explodes. So when Vulture Sam gets all the cards of the player killed, the Dynamite is already in the discard pile.

[b:1512c0a944]Q15[/b:1512c0a944]. Can a Jailed player play a Beer in his turn?
A. Only if he is losing his last life point (for example, if he is hit by a Dynamite). Anyone who is in the Jail must skip phases 1 and 2 of his turn and thus he cannot normally play cards in his turn.

[b:1512c0a944]Q16[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I cancel a BANG! with a Barrel in my hand?
A. No. The Barrel can have effect only if it is already in play. It is of little use in hand.

[b:1512c0a944]Q17[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a Beer if I am at full life points?
A. Yes: the Beer will simply have no effect at all.

[b:1512c0a944]Q18[/b:1512c0a944]. Does Burt Cassidy or El Gringo draw a card when he loses his last life point – so if it’s a Beer, they can save themselves?
A. No, if they lose their last life point without a Beer in their hand, they are dead. However, if Burt Cassidy plays immediately a Beer card from the hand, saving himself and remaining alive, he will be able to draw the card due to the lost life point.

[b:1512c0a944]Q19[/b:1512c0a944]. If Vulture Sam eliminates a Deputy, as a Sheriff, does he discard all his cards before or after getting the cards of the Deputy just eliminated?
A. First Vulture Sam gets all the cards from the Deputy just eliminated. Then, he discards all of his cards (which now include the cards just obtained from the Deputy).

[b:1512c0a944]Q20[/b:1512c0a944]. How many Missed! cards are required to cancel a Gatling played by Slab the Killer?
A. Only one. The special ability of Slab the Killer applies to BANG! cards only.

[b:1512c0a944]Q21[/b:1512c0a944]. Can Calamity Janet play Missed! cards during a Duel as if they were BANG! cards?
A. Yes.

[b:1512c0a944]Q22[/b:1512c0a944]. Slab the Killer plays a BANG! against Suzy Lafayette, who has a Missed! as her last card.
After Suzy Lafayette played the Missed!, can she draw a card when she remains with no cards in hand (and hopefully play another Missed!) before the shot hits her?
A. Yes.

[b:1512c0a944]Q23[/b:1512c0a944]. If El Gringo plays a Duel and lose, can he draw a card from the player who won the Duel?
A. No: El Gringo draws a card from the player who played the card which caused the life point loss. But since the Duel was played by El Gringo himself, his ability is not triggered.

[b:1512c0a944]Q24[/b:1512c0a944]. If Suzy Lafayette plays a Duel, which is her last card, can she draw another one before the Duel ends?
A. No, she must wait until the end of the Duel.

[b:1512c0a944]Q25[/b:1512c0a944]. What if Suzy Lafayette hits El Gringo with her last card?
A. When El Gringo loses his life point, Suzy Lafayette draws a card because she has no cards in his hand. Then, El Gringo draws that card from Suzy Lafayette. Now Suzy Lafayette is again with no cards in hand, so she draws another card.

[b:1512c0a944]Q26[/b:1512c0a944]. If an Outlaw plays a Duel and loses, does the player who won the Duel draw the 3 cards reward?
A. No. The reward goes to the player who played the card which was responsible of the elimination of the Outlaw. But since that card was played by the Outlaw himself, no one can gain the reward.

[b:1512c0a944]Q27[/b:1512c0a944]. What happens when a player forgets to apply the effect of a card (e.g. a Barrel) or an ability of his character?
A. Remember that some abilities and effects are not mandatory (for example the ability of Jourdonnais). Anyway, if a players forgets to apply some effect, he can still correct his behaviour before the next card is played. After that time, the game is considered carried over regularly and he cannot do anything about it.

[b:1512c0a944]Q28[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I use Panic! or Cat Balou on cards in play?
A. Of course yes. You can play the Cat Balou on a card in an opponent’s hand (randomly choosing which card to pick) or on any one card in play, at your choice. The same for Panic!, with the following differences: you can target only cards of a player at distance 1, and the card you choose goes in your hand even if it was already in play. When that card is in your hand, you can play it as any other card.

[b:1512c0a944]Q29[/b:1512c0a944]. Is it mandatory to play a Dynamite when someone draws it from the deck?
A. Absolutely not.

[b:1512c0a944]Q30[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I “draw!” more than once in the same situation?
A. No, it would be too simple… When you are required to “draw”, you can do this only once except if you are Lucky Duke, who draws two cards and chooses the one to consider for the effect (both are discarded, though).

[b:1512c0a944]Q31[/b:1512c0a944]. Is it mandatory to discard a BANG! card (if possible) when someone else plays Indians?
A. Although the 1st edition rulebook states that when another player plays the Indians! you are forced to discard a BANG! card if you have one, actually it is not mandatory: you can always choose whether to discard the BANG! or lose one life point. However, in very few situations you will choose the latter option.

[b:1512c0a944]Q32[/b:1512c0a944]. How many cards Burt Cassidy draws if he is hit by the Dynamite (and survives)?
A. Three cards.

[b:1512c0a944]Q33[/b:1512c0a944]. Can I play a Beer card if there are only two players alive?
A. Yes, but it has no effect at all.

[b:1512c0a944]Q34[/b:1512c0a944]. Can Sid Ketchum use his ability even outside his turn, like a Beer card?
A. Yes, he can.

[b:1512c0a944]Q35[/b:1512c0a944]. Who is considered to be responsible of the elimination of a playerwith cards like Indians! and Gatling?
A. Unlike the Dynamite, the player who played the Gatling or theIndians! is considered to be responsible of the elimination of a player. All special actions due to this elimination apply to him (for example, if he just killed an Outlaw this way, he draws the 3 cards reward).
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Příspěvek od mrpowers98 »

with regards to Q2, what if the player being shot is Jourdonnais? If you draw a heart for barrel then a heart for his ability would that be considered 2 missed cards?

And for clarificaton on your answer to Q2 and Jourdonnais, if you did not draw a heart on the barrel but a heart for his ability that would only count for 1 of the 2 missed cards needed, correct?
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Příspěvek od lucabil »

Yes, you are correct.
Jourdonnais's ability is cumulative with a Barrell.

This means that he can draw once thanks to its ability.
Then he can draw once thanks to barrell.
The order does not matter.
Both these draws count as a Missed if a Heart is found.

Clearly this double chance is always possible, even when he's being shot by another character.