A Fistful of Cards

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A Fistful of Cards

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How long do the cards last. (ie. Does the Sheriff choose when to play another special card or do the special cards in play last only one turn) Also, do the special cards affect the Sheriff as well?

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The game proceeds as normal BANG! with these changes:
1) The Sheriff shuffles these cards separate from the regular cards face down and puts A Fistful of Cards on top. Then he puts this stack face up near himself.
2) Starting with his second turn, before the Sheriff takes his turn, he removes the first card off the stack (taking care so that only the next card is revealed). He reads the card aloud, and then puts it in the centre of the table creating a "Fistful of Cards" pile.
3) The card on top of this pile is now in play, and players must follow its effects until it is covered by a new card. "At the start of his turn" means the card takes effect before any other action. A Fistful of Cards (the last card) stays in effect until the game ends.

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I'm still not sure if the sheriff turns over a new card each turn or not. Does he only turn over one card and the effects are for each player and then at the end of round 2 a new card turned over until all cards are used or the game ends?
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In the first round (of the table) no card is active but you can look which will be active on next round.
Then, before every subsequent sheriff turn, the next card becomes active and the previous (if any) is no more active, and you can have a look at the next active card.

An active card affects ALL players for the whole round.

When the last card ("Fistful of Cards", that must be put on the bottom of the pile) becomes active (start of sixteenth round) it remains active till the end of the game, which should be come fast :D