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Dorothy Rage

Postby c3le » 12 Sep 2010, 08:22

So how does this card actually work?

Me and my group has a tad of a problem understanding the rules involved with this card:

Two Examples:

In both cases it is P1's actual turn.


P1 to P2 : "Play Beer!"
P2: "I don't have one, I'll show you my whole hand (to everyone?)"


P1 to P2: "Play Cat Balou!"
P2 : "I have one."
P1 : "Remove that card from P3."

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Postby Suzy Lafayette » 13 Sep 2010, 07:36

Both correct, and in the case [b:1c47355884]a[/b:1c47355884] the hand is shown to everybody.
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