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Postby Suzy Lafayette » 14 Sep 2010, 10:07

iamj4de wrote:Probably, I almost never played original game only anyway. Dodge City is so much more fun, plus High Noon and AFOC. From my experience in my group (we also played thousands of games), Bart is never a character who made a big impact toward the game result.

And I actually think this kind of statistics is a little bit inaccurate to judge an ability, in the sense that, people usually don't care about Bart => he is more likely to stay alive and win (although doing nothing much). The other strong characters are more likely to be attacked first or focused fire, and lose. This can be seen with your statistics, when he is a Regenade (without real allies to "carry" him), his result is terrible. Or as you said, when playing duel.

I perfectly agree with you. Infact Slab The Killer and Willy The Kid are attacked first, often without any reason.

I also played the most of my games with DC+HN+AFOC; it's the kind of Bang I like more and in which I had you same feelings about Bart Cassidy: never thinked at him as a strong one :wink:
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Postby benabel » 14 Sep 2010, 11:18

Hi Suzy. It is only statictic. I have done my own with my friends. Played in 5-6 with all expansion.

[b:d83f0d8fb8]I look on some datas(preference, winning rate, surviving rate, hitting rate, total number dollars earn)[/b:d83f0d8fb8]

Top 8 preferred characters are:
1. Tequila Joe ,26
2. Slab The Killer ,23
3. Jose Delgado ,23
4. Lee Van Kliff ,23
5. Terren Kill ,21
6. Gary Looter ,21
7. Calamity Janet ,21
8. Sid Ketchum ,21
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Postby Suzy Lafayette » 14 Sep 2010, 11:39

Interesting, even if I guess your stats have still to reach a significant amount of games according to the first place of [i:658ea544a4]Tequila Joe[/i:658ea544a4] who is absolutely not at the top of the characters :roll:
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Re: [Wild West Show] review and questions

Postby martinpulido » 17 Jan 2011, 00:31

I am glad to see that some others have had some trouble with the WWS expansion. I also thought it was somewhat lame. While the character's abilities are fun to look at, some are ridiculously OP in some roles. Take for instance, Gary Looter as a Sheriff in a 5-player+ games. Whenever a deputy is over card limit, he can immediately hand his cards to the Sheriff at the discard phase! Disgusting, especially when he already has 6 health as a Sheriff. I thought Lee Van Kliff was also ridiculously dumb. Lay a Wells Fargo, lay a BANG! (almost bound to come up in those you draw, not to mention you would be dumb to lay it without it) and draw 6 cards total!

For me, it's like they got together and thought, let's make a new expansion and make all the characters better than those in the original game. Bigger is better. But I think they should have strived more for balance. That Gregory Deck gets 2 character's abilities makes him straight up better. Of course, of course, now everyone needs to focus on the tough characters more, but it's pretty hard to top a Gary Looter sheriff.

On the flip side, I do like the WWS scenario cards, even more than AFOC and HN. Gag is lame, however. I just take it out. So I don't think WWS was all bad; I was just disappointed.


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Re: [Wild West Show] review and questions

Postby Lugre » 11 Oct 2011, 19:19

My friends and I agreed that "the WWS card changing time" is very rare, because there are very few Diligenzas(and one Wells Fargo) in the deck, and it often ruins the game 'cause you're stuck with a bad situation changing card and noone playing likes it. What do you think about this? Do you find the frequency of the changes sufficient?
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