New Datadisk for BANG Wild West Show

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New Datadisk for BANG Wild West Show

Postby Anonymous » 11 Feb 2010, 21:31

New Datadisk for BANG Wild West Show

I found it on official side daVinci.

Postby c3le » 05 Mar 2010, 18:20

link link?
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Postby Lugre » 03 Jul 2010, 19:11 ... 6&lang=eng


Coming out in Spring 2010 (July 4).
No laws in the whole Wild West can stop them! They are strong, terrible, greedy, and they are mad!
New ruthless gunslingers run about the Wild West at breakneck speed, panicking the other gunmen. Their talent is madness, and so are the cards you’ll find in this crazy expansion! Your chances are hanging by a thread - can you measure up against unfair duels and unpredictable moves?
Bang! Wild West Show! is "a little double-faced expansion that contains eight VERY wild new characters, like one that draws cards from the other players hands instead of the deck, one with 9 life points who cannot use Missed! cards, [and] one that "draws" when it’s killed and stays alive if you do not draw Spades, ’cause you need a Spade to bury him!, [plus] a set of cards that come in play when you play a Wells Fargo and change the rules of the game until they are discarded... [and] craaaaazy cards, like the Wild West Show that lets you play Missed! cards as BANG!s and vice versa, [and] one that lets you swap your position with another player at the table..."
The 8 new characters are:
Flint Westwood
Big Spencer
Lee Van Kliff - During his turn, he may discard BANG! to repeat the effect of a brown-bordered card he just played.
Youl Grinner
John Pain
Greygory Deck
Gary Looter
Teren Kill
The 10 new crazy card are:
Bone Orchard
Darling Valentine
Dorothy Rage
Lady Rose of Texas
Miss Susanna
Wild West Show
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Postby Suzy Lafayette » 08 Sep 2010, 11:43

the new section for [b:af0b0edf06]Wild West Show[/b:af0b0edf06] has been created :wink:
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