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Robbers' Roost Expansion Release

Postby martinpulido » 19 Apr 2011, 17:48

Over the past 5 days, and for 5 days more, I am releasing my next custom expansion to BANG! called "Robbers' Roost" (My first expansion was "Death Mesa"). You probably have seen some pictures of custom characters or cards from Robbers' Roost floating around somewhere in the BANG!-o-sphere. For the release, I removed many of my card and character concepts (The expansion will be 72 cards total) and focused on the core of what I wanted to add to BANG!, namely the orange cards.

For those who are unfamiliar with the orange cards, here is a brief description:

Orange cards can never be played on your turn. Instead, they are played at or during events on other players’ turns, as specified on each orange card. Most orange cards are designed to enhance teamplay (Deputies with the Sheriff, Outlaws amongst each other, and the Renegade with whatever group he chooses), as they only occasionally help you directly. They are also designed to speed up the game, and make you more involved in the game when it is not your turn.

Thus, orange cards allow players to do actions like these: back up another player when he shoots at someone, push a player out of harm's way when he is shot at (or dive and take a hit for him), confiscate a card in play in front of a player for a round, give a card from your hand to another player, shoot at a player when he shoots at someone else, add/remove distance modifiers to another player for a round, taunt another player which forces him to shoot at you if he can, and so forth.

Orange cards are placed face down in front of you whenever they are acquired. You may look at them whenever you wish, but they are not for the eyes of other players. When you use orange cards at the appropriate events, flip the card over and do as it specifies. There is a “grace period” when orange cards are played. As long as they are played in a timely manner, they count. If orange cards are laid quickly in succession of one another, treat them as simultaneous. Thus, if 1 orange card is contrary to another, they are nullified. However, if the orange cards are the same, temporality dictates the order and validity of the cards.

Orange cards may be directly discarded. However, they cannot be directly stolen. When a player attempts to steal an orange card, the orange cards are brought into your hand, shuffled, and then a card is randomly stolen from your hand instead. Afterwards, place down your remaining orange cards.

While the orange cards function in the above specified way at the beginning of the game, some of them change when the game reduces to 2 players or your team is eliminated. Orange cards that are designed to solely help team mates provide an option to function as different cards in these situations. Their optional function is specified in the bottom right hand corner of the card. They are placed face down like usual, but these optional functions can only be used on your turn.

Altered play is activated for the following: for an Outlaw when he is the last of his team remaining; for a Sheriff when there are no Deputies or Renegades remaining; for Renegades, Sheriffs, and Outlaws when there are only 2 players remaining.

Finally, the addition of orange cards also affects card limits. Every player is allowed 1 extra card to their limit, as long as that 1 card is orange. After this card, all orange cards contribute to your limit.

So far, I have released 2 sets of orange cards:



2 more orange card sets are to come. However, Robbers' Roost isn't only about the orange cards. It adds a few new brown, blue, and green cards as well to the mix. There are 2 new guns: the gatling gun called Bulldog (range 2, allows you to Gatling if you discard 2 BANG!), and the shotgun called James Dougall (range 1, players must play 2 Missed! to avoid BANG! fired from it). Cannon and Artillery are new attack other player cards. They shoot players within a line of fire. In other words, you select a player who you wish to be the end point of an attack. Select a direction from which to attack him (from your right or your left). All players up until that end point are banged! As you can imagine, Artillery and Cannon can function as a Gatling if you wish: just select the end point to be the player immediately to your left or right, and then have the attack proceed from the opposite direction. However, they are usually helpful in allowing you to attack players from another team and miss hitting one of your team mates. The Cowboy Boots allow all of your Missed! cards to count as Dodge. This should give you a feel for some of the new cards being added to the game. Of course, as with Dodge City, many of the original game cards will be added to the deck to balance out drawing probabilities.


Finally, Robbers' Roost adds 16 new characters to BANG! I hope that these characters add some fun to the game. I have been very concerned about making these characters not uber-powerful, such as the Wild West Show characters (which I happen to hate for the most part). Some of Robbers' Roost characters stick to the core elements to the game, while others diverge from it significantly. As examples of the former, I have added Jack West, Flint Dixon, and Job Musgrove.


Jack has basically a "reverse Barrel":

Anytime a player avoids his personal attack, Jack may “draw!” On spades, that player must again use an ability or card to avoid Jack’s attack or that player takes a hit.

Flint Dixon inverts the way that players must respond to his BANG!:

To avoid his BANG! other players must use BANG!

Job Musgrove is a different kind of defensive character:

Anytime he is attacked, “draw!” On royals, discard a card from the hand of his attacker. [Royals refers to J, Q, K, and A].


As examples of characters straying from the core mechanics, I have added Crazy Wolf, Maggie Mae, Lil Sure Shot, and Eva Place. Crazy Wolf is somewhat like Elena Fuente, but his ability uses the values of the cards in his hand and the values of cards played against him:

When attacked he may discard a card from his hand to avoid the hit. Add the value of the card played against him with the value of the card he discards. If this value is greater or equal to 14, it counts as a Missed!; 18, a Dodge; 21, a Missed! and a BANG! against his attacker. [J, Q, and K have values of 10. An A has a value of 11.]

Eva Place is a fascinating defensive character, able to lay traps that will activate when another player acts against her. These traps could be offensive, but they could also help her attacker:

She may lay a “trap” once on her turn: put a brown or green card face down in front of Eva and turn it sideways. If a player acts against Eva, she must flip the trap over and the card immediately affects that player. She may have two traps out, but only 1 trap activates at a time, in the order laid.

Thus, a Sheriff could potentially steal a card from her (Eva being a Deputy), and a brown card trap could activate. The trap, however, is a Beer, and it gives 1 life point to the Sheriff. There are many different combos that can be made with these traps.

Maggie Mae introduces "card swapping":

If the second card she draws is royal, Maggie may swap a card in play in front of her for a card in play in front of another player. Maggie must show that the second card she drew was royal immediately if she wishes to use this ability.

So Maggie Mae cannot use her ability unless she already has a card in play in front of her to swap.

Lil Sure Shot is a character that is able to have 2 gun cards in play in front of her:

She can carry 2 guns and shoot within their ranges. The moment she lays down a gun card she can already fire twice with her Colt .45 and the new gun. Once she has 2 guns in play, only 1 BANG! is needed to fire both of them.

Notice that until she has 2 guns in play, Willy the Kid is superior. It is only once she has both down that she can potentially deal more damage.

This should give you some sense of the characters that are added in Robbers' Roost. Some focus on the core game mechanics, while others try to introduce new gameplay elements. Both of the character sets have been released, and I hope that as people play with them that their abilities/life points can be further balanced.

With 5 card sets released, I have 4 more to go, and then I will add a detailed rulebook that will explain how to play with the Robbers' Roost cards and answer questions regarding the compatibility of RR cards with the original game, Dodge City, Wild West Show, Fistful of Cards, and High Noon. I am hoping that Robbers' Roost will end up being as enjoyable an expansion to BANG! as Dodge City was. A lofty goal, indeed.

To start downloading card sheets, visit these posts and click on the links at the bottom of them:

1. Character Set 1:

2. Character Set 2:

3. Playing Card Set 1:

4. Playing Card Set 2:

5. Playing Card Set 3:
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Re: Robbers' Roost Expansion Release

Postby martinpulido » 21 Apr 2011, 19:32

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Re: Robbers' Roost Expansion Release

Postby martinpulido » 22 May 2011, 01:43

I thought I would post some pictures some of the POD progress I have made on Robbers' Roost. Here are some examples of the designed card sheets, including some of the new accessory cards. I am well on my ways to getting a prototype out.


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