My 2 variations for 2 player game

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My 2 variations for 2 player game

Postby Guest » 16 May 2010, 01:20

I have played hundreds of 1v1 Bang! games with my roommate, and we have changed and invented some new rules to make the game still enjoyable with only 2 people. I'd like to share our rules so maybe it can help some of you guys who can't find enough people to play regular Bang! game:

A) First variation:
Inspired by Face-off: 1 player being Sheriff vs 1 player being Outlaw. Another "dummy" player is put into the game as the Renegade to make it more interesting and balanced.
- Sheriff has 1 more HP like in regular Bang!
- Sheriff starts the round (and handles the event cards)
- Sheriff and Outlaw, each one takes turn to play the Renegade's hand (Outlaw plays him first, because Sheriff has 1 extra HP => advantage)
- If Outlaw kills Sheriff, Outlaw wins
- If Sheriff kills Outlaw, now the Outlaw player takes the role of Renegade (if he is still alive, and chance is he is :-D). If he manages to kill Sheriff, he gets a draw. If Dead Man comes before game ends, Outlaw is revived and the rules return to as in the beginning
- You can use Prison on Sheriff
- When you play Renegade, if you have Blue/Green cards, you have to put them down

B) Second variation:
Inspired by official 2 player rules:
- Each player takes 4 character cards, choose 1 to play, and give 1 (usually the weakest) to the other. Each player now has 1 "strong" character and 1 "weak" character. This helps that all weak characters get a chance to be played. The remaining 2 cards are used for life indicator (choose wisely, for New Identity ;-))
- These 4 characters are put down and play like in regular Bang! game. There is no Sheriff, but the player who starts will handle the event cards.
- Each turn, you choose one active character and play him. The passive character still has his ability (Greg Digger still regains 2 HP if 1 character dies, or Bart Cassidy still draws 1 card if hit even if they are passive in that round)
- Both your characters share the cards IN HAND. So if you play Calamity Janet and El Gringo, you can hold up to 4 cards when the active player is Calamity, and up to 3 cards when the active player is El Gringo. Really bad luck when you play Sean Mallory for multiple rounds then decide to switch active to other character :D. The reason for the switch may be to use Beer on that character, or because your current active character is too far from the target (see below), or any other strategic choice.
- The notion of Distance still applies! So imagine you have something like this: A-B in one team, C-D in one team
Then A needs a gun or something to shoot D. Also, if C has a Mustang card in front of him, D can't use Panic to help remove his Prison for example
- You win game when eliminate both the enemy's characters
- Cards which target multiple players remain the same. For example C is active and plays a Brawl, he can remove 1 card from A (in hand or in front), another card from B (in hand or in front - which means he can remove up to 2 cards from the enemy's hand), BUT he must also remove one card in front of D (or in his hand, because D shares hand-cards with C)
- The notion of order still applies. If D is active and plays a General Store and the game is in counter-clock wise order, then C-D chooses the 1st card, then A-B chooses 2 cards, then C-D chooses the remaining. If C is active and plays a Dynamite, C-D has to check first (at C), check again (at D), then pass to B.

C) Special note about event cards:
We remove A fistful of cards and High noon, shuffle the rest, take half of the deck and randomly choose (without knowing which one) AFFOC or HN to put at the end. So each game has around 15 event cards with one of the Deadly card at the end as normal. Usually the game is balanced enough that we reach the end-card in 3/4 games played.

Having played so many games with both these variations, I can say that they are fairly balanced and solid (there are some more detailed rules to handle special cases). Our score now is something like 200-201 :D. Personally I prefer the 2nd variation, as it can be easily extended to 3 players (hence 6 characters - and with the notion of distance, this means long-distance gun like the Winchester is much more useful than in regular official 3 player game).

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