"Gangs of New Mexico": A variant for two players

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"Gangs of New Mexico": A variant for two players

Postby Guest » 15 Jul 2009, 04:28

What follows are intial thoughts for a two-player variant of BANG!, borrowing some gameplay mechanics from CCGs. It has been playtested a bit over a period of a couple years by some of my friends and I, testing different variants. But this is really the first time that I've tried to put pen to paper and make some established rules to start from.

If you find it worth your time, I would love to see more development in the form of playtesting and refinement by the bang.cz community.


Gangs of New Mexico
by Jinky Williams
Bang! variant for two players

A posse vs. posse variant of the BANG! card game. Played with two players, though a variant for four players (of two characters each, in teams of two) is being tested.

Two rival posses are duking it out for something. Territories, gold, whatever. But there's one thing for sure: This town's not big enough for the two of them.

Game ends when one player has no more characters left.

Players take six cards and select three characters for their posse, using the other three for health.

The posse can be organized in two rows (i.e., two in front, one in back), but at least one member needs to be in the front position. Players have the option to place all characters in the front row.

Here's a sample configuration:

+2 [ A ] [ A ]
+1 [ B ]


+1 [ C ]
+2 [ D ] [ D ]

Distances work by rows. So the back two would be a distance of four to the people in back of the other posse. ("A" would be a distance of four from "D", three from "C").

Character card abilities are broken down into Passive, Active and Draw abilities. This is nothing new, but Draw abilities have a different role in this variant.

Passive - Abilities that can be exercised without a character taking an action.
Examples: Apache Kid, Vera Custer

Active - Abilities that augment certain actions that the character can make.
Examples: Slab the Killer, Tequila Joe

Draw - Abilities that affect how the character draws cards during Phase 1.
Examples: Pixie Pete, Claus "The Saint"

Starting with one posse, each character is able to take part in Phase 2, with play resolving per standard rules (unless otherwise noted).

Draw (Phase 1):
Player selects one character to determine drawing. The selected character is tapped (turned 90 degrees) to signify usage.

Play (Phase 2):
All three characters participate in Phase 2 in turn, beginning with the character used to draw in Phase 1. To make a character active, tap a character and resolve. Characters stay tapped until Phase 3.

Upkeep (Phase 2b--NEW):
After all characters resolve their Phase 2, Player has the option to re-arrange the posse and swap equipment (weapons, armor, horses, etc.) This does not include Dynamite! or Jail.

Discard Phase (Phase 3):
Player discards per standard rules. The amount of cards Player is allowed to have in hand is based on the character who has the most bullets (or Sean Mallory). Player may not elect to discard based on a character who has fewer bullets.

- Phases 1, 2b and 3 only happen once per turn.
- Blue and green cards may be assigned to any character.
- As there are multiple Phase 2s being resolved, this means that three BANG!s may potentially be played during a player's turn.
- The Jail card only affects the character the card is played on, and not the whole posse.

Unless specified, cards resolve as per standard rules. Some card rules are unchanged, but are included for clarification.

Playing Card Rule Differences/Clarifications

Beer - Beer can only be used on the character who played it.
Jail - Jail may be placed on anybody, and the jail is resolved per the standard rules.
Indians! - All other characters (on both sides) excluding the character who played Indians! must play a BANG! or lose a bullet.
Howitzer, Gatling - These cards attack only all members of the enemy posse.
Saloon - All characters (on both sides) gain a bullet.
General Store - A card is drawn for as many characters alive, and sides alternate selecting them.
Brawl - A card is discarded for every character, excluding the character who played Brawl. The player who played the card may select all the cards to be discarded.
Dynamite - Card enters the game per standard instructions. Upon a successful "draw", the card is passed to the opposing posse. After each successful "draw", Dynamite goes to the opposing posse, rotating left to right.

Character Card Differences/Clarifications

Vera Custer - Her identity is declared at the beginning of the round and is kept until it is declared at the beginning of the next round of that player.


Any time or energy that anybody might choose to use toward the refinement of this game type would be most helpful and appreciated.

Thanks, y'all!
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