"Return fire" or "counter" rule

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"Return fire" or "counter" rule

Postby Guest » 21 Jan 2007, 00:57

heres a new idea for a twist in the rules: Return fire.

heres the scoop: you can equip two gun cards, the first gun card you play is your primary range and the second is the counter range. when someone shoots at you, you "draw". if the suit of the card you draw matches the suit of your counter weapon, then you shoot a bang back at the player who initially fired at you. the player countered upon can either play a missed card, like usual, or lose one life point.

to show the difference between primary and counter weapons, place the primary on top of the counter weapon just so that the counter weapon's range is showing.

oh yeah one last thing: to have the chance to counter, the counter weapon's range has to reach the player that initially fired the bang.

Postby Guest » 21 Jan 2007, 03:59

ok nevermind i have a better idea for the "counter" rule: if you play a missed card that has the same suit as you current weapon, then its a counter. this eliminates the two weapon equipped thing and prolly allows for simpler game play than my previous idea. it also makes it a whole lot easier for the attacker to get away scott-free which is fair.

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