BANG! 2-Player Y-Formation Variant. (4 characters per side)

what is your variant to play BANG!?

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BANG! 2-Player Y-Formation Variant. (4 characters per side)

Postby srab » 21 May 2006, 07:46

Author: Flying Arrow

This is a flexible, two-player, multi-character variant.

It has the interesting aspects of including multiple characters (as many as you want, really), and making all of the guns important in a 2-player game.

Basic rules:

* Fight to the death of two gangs: each player has 4 characters on his side of the table and controls all of them.

* Each *character* has his or her own hand, life points, and blue cards.

* Players alternate turns. On a player's turn, he declares which character he will play. He draws for that character and plays a normal turn for that character ONLY. Then it is the other player's turn.

* There are four characters per side.

* Six of the eight characters (3 per side) form a circle like normal. For each side, there will be a "left", "middle", and "right" position.

* The fourth character for each side is considered to be *behind* the middle character for each side. So each side can be thought of as facing each other, with each being in a Y formation. The distance to this "back" character is one greater than the distance to the middle character. If the middle front character is killed, the "back" character automatically moves forward to take the middle position. If the "left" or "right" characters is killed, then the middle character is adjacent to an opponent, but the "back" character is still behind him. Note that this setup makes the distance from one "back" character to the other "back" character a distance of 5.

* Fight or flight rule: If you do not play a Bang! with your character, you may instead move your character, trading positions with one of your other characters. Guns and horses follow characters, but barrels and dynamite do not follow characters - they are "given" to the character that moves to the new spot. (Some uses of this tactic: moving your Winchester-toting character to the "back", moving your almost dead character away from a Volcanic, or using Lucky Duke to 'escort' Dynamite through your ranks to be passed to the other side.)

* When Dynamite is in play, if it is on your side of the board at the start of your turn then "draw!" for it like normal (and then move it), even if it is not on the character you choose to play for that turn. Since turns alternate between players, that means that Dynamite will generally only move at half the pace it does in a normal game. The "back" position requires a modified path for the Dynamite, as follows: "right", "middle", "back", "left". This means Dynamite passes from the "back" to the "left", even though the two positions are not adjacent. From the "left" it continues to the next spot in the circle (your opponent's "right" character).

* When Jail is played, you have the choice of playing the character to try to get him or her out of Jail, or letting the character "rot in jail". You can just play your other characters until the Jailed character dies, is freed by another character, or is the only character left and you have to play him or her.

* Before playing, randomly draw 8 characters to be in the game, and then take turns drafting them. Second choice makes two selections in a row: 1-2-2-1-2-1-2-1. You may arrange your characters as you choose.

OPTIONAL rules to speed things up:

* Play with just 2 or 3 characters per side, in a normal circle set-up.

* Remove 2 Beers and 3 Missed cards from the deck.

* Skip the character draft and just give four random characters to each side. Also assign the positions randomly.

* Randomly give each character one of the 8 guns. To even things out, you may want to make split as follows: Volcanic-2-2-5 on one side, Volcanic-2-3-4 on the other side. Putting the guns out at the start will get the bullets flying faster.
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