Variants Concurrent gangs & Three parties of three

what is your variant to play BANG!?

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Variants Concurrent gangs & Three parties of three

Postby srab » 08 Mar 2006, 18:02

Author: Ralf Wirth(yid0)
Date: 26.12.2005


Since I own Bang! and Dodge City I wonder if the theme of the game could be twisted in some ways. There are two decks of cards which can be seperated by the bull picture in the upper edge. This could be used to create different themes of Western Movies to play (not always
"the sheriff and his man against the outlaws")

So far, we tried to play with 9 people, just taking one more outlaw as in the 8 player game. This turned out bad...

I have some more ideas to create different games.
What about these settings (I have not tested any of those):

1. Concurrent gangs
Two gangs (or towns) fight each other. In this case, the two gang leaders (symbolized by the sheriffs) will be open cards. Each one gets deputies (or some gang members), and of course, the game will be spiced up with some renegades. I think this setting will work best with an even number of players. The sheriffs will be visible, others are not.
What would be the victory conditions for the renegades? Maybe they will win together?
There are two sheriffs, so one of them might die in the course of the game. What will happen then? How about this: If some of the outlaws (deputies) claims the leadership of the gang (town) he's The One. Otherwise the leftmost living player in the same gang (town) has to reveal himself as the next gang leader (sheriff).

Role distributions:
6 players: 2 sheriffs (gang leaders), 2 deputies or outlaws, 2 renegades.
8 players: 2 sherrifs (gang leaders), 4 deputies or outlaws, 2 renegades.

2. Three parties of three
One Sheriff stands against two gangs. Each gang wins if it kills the other gang and the sheriff party. The sheriff party wins if there are no more outlaws. Maybe you can give some points to the sheriff party if they knock out one gang (If you are playing with points for multiple games)

We have another question of dying sheriffs (gang leaders) here. This could be resolved as above.

The gang leaders will be open here as well, so everybody knows who is on which side.

Role distributions:
8 players: 1 sheriff, 2 gang leaders (renegade cards), 4 outlaws (2 in each gang). 1 deputy sheriff. (this might be a bit unfair against the sheriff party, although the sheriff may not be put into jail, and the sheriff has one more life point.) Maybe the deputy will be open as well here. You should give him one more life point then, as well.

9 players: 1 sheriff, 2 gang leaders (renegade cards), 4 outlaws (2 in each gang). 2 deputy sheriffs.

Does anybody have experience with these settings or some other game twists?
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