BANG! - pub version with BEER

what is your variant to play BANG!?

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BANG! - pub version with BEER

Postby srab » 05 Mar 2006, 21:54

Bang! With Beer

Submitted by Jamie Donohoe and friends*

Note: one drink is the equivalent of one healthy swallow of beer.

1. Whenever a player takes a bullet, he takes one drink (unless it's caused through a Duel card: see below).
2. The loser of a Duel takes a number of drinks equal to the number of Bang! cards played by BOTH players.
3. Whenever a player heals a bullet (either with a beer card or having saloon played for him) he takes a drink.
4. Whenever a player plays a card (Bang! or … for instance) which would damage an opponent AND an opponent causes a miss (through Miss! or the Barrel card for instance) then the original player takes a drink for EACH miss.
5. Any time somebody dies, all remaining players drink a toast in remembrance of that person
6. A person who is in jail can get out of jail by drinking an entire Pabst Blue Ribbon or Mickey's Big Mouth.
7. The Dynamite card comes into play with a shot of Jaegermeister (preferably warm and served in a dirty shot glass). Whoever is "exploded" drinks the shot.
8. At the end of the game, draw a card. The number on the card equals the number of drinks all losers must drink. Jack through King equals 10 and an Ace means everybody drinks a shot of his/her choice.

Additional Rules for Dodge City expansion pack
1. A player who plays the whiskey card must drink a shot of whiskey
2. A player who plays the Tequila card must drink…you guessed it…a shot of Tequila.

*most of these friends are imaginary.

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Re: BANG! - pub version with BEER

Postby bonz » 06 Mar 2006, 00:30

[quote:dc0afce84f="srab"]*most of these friends are imaginary.[/quote:dc0afce84f]
Or probably called Jack, Jim & Johnny. :D
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