33 new characters

do you have any idea about new card?

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Postby c3le » 15 Jan 2008, 22:03

I agree, very interesting cards


you should work on the English grammar a bit.

I noticed Nina Nine Lives. I think she is quite weak. To be more precise, how many cards or events there are you can use to eliminate yourself on [i:ee78b163a6]your[/i:ee78b163a6] turn? I can think of two;

1. Dynamite
2. Duel

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Postby Nido » 16 Jan 2008, 08:54

c3le wrote:I agree, very interesting cards


you should work on the English grammar a bit.

Sorry again for my bad english :oops:
Don't be afraid to tell me where i did grammar faults (especialy on the card) so i could correct (i'm prety sur there are many faults in this sentence)
c3le wrote:I noticed Nina Nine Lives. I think she is quite weak. To be more precise, how many cards or events there are you can use to eliminate yourself on your turn? I can think of two;

1. Dynamite
2. Duel


The interest of this character is that she can rise from death many times so she had to be weak :wink:
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Re: 33 new characters

Postby Suzy Lafayette » 19 Jan 2008, 12:47

Nido wrote:Hank the Bank (inspired from the bonz bank)
Max Painless
Myke Myope

Preston Presbyope

Idon't have tested those caracters much so the y could be modified in the future.

your new characters are now ready to be tested by our group, I'll let you know... :wink:

in the meanwhile I attempt a comment of your previous characters that I play since one year around (together with the original ones):

Alfonso Duelo (4 life points):
Once during his turn, he may use a BANG! card as a DUEL.

one of the strongest characters, he is able to beat everyone, besides his ability does not count as a Bang!, so he can shoot again

Bart Barber (4 life points):
Before phase 1, the player who has most cards in hand must give him 1 card.
If there is a tie for the player with the most cards, or if you have the most cards, then no one gives you a card.

not a very strong character but a very annoying one, especially if you are able to remain without or with few cards in the hand
ST. : 7-
P.V.: 9

Big Fat Joe (5 life points):
Whith a card whith the beer symbol he regains 0.5 life points (put the card face up next to him).
If he had only 0.5 life points, he is dead but can save himself with a beer.
Can't be Sheriff: if you are sheriff, pick another character card.

sometimes I try it just to get 5 cards at the beginning, but I always change his identity, too weak with "half a Beer"
ST. : 3
P.V.: 4

Bruce Ling (4 life points):
He is unaffected by the BRAWL.
Put an additional card when the GENERAL STORE is played, he will allways take the last card for him self.

character in the medium
ST. : 6+
P.V.: 6

Burt Longcatcher (4 life points):
Each time he loses a life point from a BANG!, he keep the BANG! in his hand.

he is almost a character "without ability"
ST. : 5
P.V.: 5

Colin Barrel (4 life points):
Once during his turn, when he shoot a BANG!, he keep it in his hand if his oponent loses a life point.

like the previous one
ST. : 5
P.V.: 5

Crazy Horse (4 life points):
Once during his turn, he can play a BANG! card and any other card as an INDIANS! (count like a BANG!)

very powerful character especially when you play 1 vs 1 with 2 or 3 characters, a bit harder to play in normal game, as he hits everyone;
there are many Bang! in the deck but against him one is forced to keep some of them in the hand, so just for defense
ST. : 9
P.V.: 8

Dunkan Drunkman (3 life points):
When someone (even him) drinks a BEER, he can recover 1 life point discarding any card of his hand.

nice idea but the character remain quite weak
ST. : 4
P.V.: 7

Dynamite Joe (4 life points):
During the first phase of his turn, he can draw the DYNAMITE card from the top of the discard pile.
He can chose a player to put the DYNAMITE on instead of puting it in front of him.
He can lose cards of his hand instead of losing live points from the DYNAMITE.

very nice idea, he is not strong like Dynamite Dick (of the boothill), normally he is a "without ability character" but with the Dynamite and a bit of luck he can beat even strong characters
ST. : 7
P.V.: 8

Freddy Street-Sweeper (4 life points):
When anyone discard a card, he can take it from the top of the discard pile and must put any card of his hand instead.

very powerful player if one is able to keep it with 4 life points (and so 4 cards in the hand to be changed) as long as possible
ST. : 8
P.V.: 8

George Weelchair (4 life points):
He always start to play first and he is always the first to chose his card during a GENERAL STORE.

character hard to link with the rules in the game 1 vs 1, potentially strong if he is not already the first one to play
ST. : 7
P.V.: 6

Hank the Bank (4 life points):
In phase 3 of his turn, he can put one card from his hand face-down under the character card. This card is protected from Cat Balou or Panic but can't be used out of his turn. In phase 2 you can use the cards again normally.

James Stoneheart (4 life points):
He is unaffected by the CAT BALOU.

strong player, not easy to attack especially if he is covered by Mustang and/or Hideout: only Rag Time, Conestoga, Can Can, Brawl to steal his cards in play
ST. : 8
P.V.: 8

Jennifer Big-Heart (4 life points):
Once during her turn, she may use any card from hand as a CAT BALOU.

impressive character, very hard to beat. One is forced to play without powerful cards in play (Pony Express, Howitzer and so on) which will be surely discarded by her
ST. : 9
P.V.: 7

Jeremiah Amish (4 life points):
Must discard his cards with the beer symbol and draw 2 cards from the deck.
May whenever he whants discard 2 BANG! to recover 1 life point. (even to save him from death)
If someone plays a card with the beer symbol to him, he draws 2 cards from the deck.

one of my favourite, hard to play but damn strong. He is also able to restore life points when only 2 players are still in play
ST. : 9
P.V.: 9

Jimmy Squint (4 life points):
His victim is chosen randomly: each potential victim pic a card, the weak card loses.

strange character, one just hopes to not get him!
ST. : 4
P.V.: 7

Linus Yale (4 life points):
He is unaffected by the PANIC!

useful character even if not strong as the similar one (James Stonehearth)
ST. : 7
P.V.: 8

Max Painless (4 life points):
In phase 3, his hand size limit is always 4, no mater the injuries.

Moe The Barman (3 life points):
He may skip phase 1 to regain a life point for himself or any over player (who agrees) in exchange of a card in the player hand.
He can't use his power when there is ony 2 players left or when THE REVEREND is active.

quite weak but sometime useful one
ST. : 4
P.V.: 6

Myke Myope (4 life points):
He is only able to see the players directly at his right and left but he can see them with -1 of range.
During his turn , he can exchange a weapon against 2 cards.

Nelly Chose-Chair (4 life points):
She may exchange her place with any over player before each turn starts. (exept the first one)
The players keep they own characters and switch places. (the cards in front of the players stays)

potentially the strongest character, she forces opponents to not play cards in front of them to avoid to let Nelly steal them, but also not easy to play (how to decide if change position when cards are balanced?)
She could be annoying to play
ST. : 9
P.V.: 6

Nina Nine lives (3 life points):
On your turn, if you were eliminated, you come back into play with 1 life and 1 card if you draw clover.
You can try to come back only 9 times.

quite weak, even if she can come back to life
ST. : 4
P.V.: 7

One-Eyed Jack (4 life points):
He can't be shoot from his right and only can shoot to his left.

nice character, not strong, it's almost a "no ability one" as he gets benefits and the same damages from his ability
ST. : 6
P.V.: 8

Phil Thinwire (3 life points):
He can be shoot only once a turn, all the player included.

slow to be killed but he remains weak, too few the 3 life points
ST. : 4
P.V.: 6

Preston Presbyope (4 life points):
He is unnable te see the players directly at his right and left.
For his vision those players are ignored.
When three players belongs in game, he can see his oponent but they are with +1 in range.
During his turn he can exchange a -1 card with a +1 card in front of any player.

Richard Gatling (4 life points):
Once during his turn, he may use a MISSED! card and any other card as a GATLING. (count like a BANG!)

very powerful one, not strong as Crazy Horse as there are only 13 Missed! vs the 29 Bang! cards. Even if harder to cancel for the same reason. Besides to use his ability he remains without defense (without Missed! cards). Same difficulties to play in normal game as with the ability he shoots to everyone, enemy or not.
ST. : 9-
P.V.: 8

Sam Hypnotik (4 life points):
AT the eginning of his turn, before drawing any cards (in phase 1), he chooses a character he can see.
He plays at his place (whith the cards in front of him) and whith his ability as that character.
But he plays with his own cards in hand.

from what I recently got here I play him in a bit different way. He remains potentially strong but very hard to play
ST. : 7
P.V.: 6

Scalping Bull (4 life points):
If he kills a Deputie or a Renegade, he draw 3 cards just asif it was an Outlaw.

not strong and useless in 1 vs 1 but nice in normal game
ST. : 6-
P.V.: 6

Ted Revenge (4 life points):
When a player shoot a BANG! on him, he can immediatly shoot a BANG! on this player.

not strong too but nice idea and sometime useful to get alife (if the opponents is without Missed! he probably won't shoot the Bang!)
ST. : 6
P.V.: 7

Tim Croupier (4 life points):
He distribute the cards. When he draw his 2 cards, he may change them with another 2.
When the discard deck is empty, he mix the deck and each player must give to him a card from his hand.

potentially strong but even if he seems easy to play he is not. If one draw 1 good and 1 bad card he must keep both or change both. It's probably more dangerous when played by a "crazy" player who risks a lot. Nice ability the one of the end of the deck and even powerful
ST. : 8
P.V.: 7

Tobias The Mole (4 life points):
He is unaffected by the JAIL.
Can't be Sheriff: If you are Sheriff pick another character.

another character I like very much. He is nothing special but even if there are only 3 Jail cards in the deck and one has the 25% to be not affected he is a guarantee and avoid the danger (sometimes mortal) to miss a turn
ST. : 6
P.V.: 9

Tom Gun-Seller (4 life points):
Can put many differents weapons in front of him but can use only one.
If someone PANIC! or CAT BALOU one of his weapons, he must give a card from his hand to him.

nice the idea but he remains a normal character
ST. : 6-
P.V.: 7
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Re: 33 new characters

Postby Apache Kid » 02 Apr 2017, 17:37

I write my opinion, it can be that I have no right, because lack of enough experience.

Alfonso Duelo

If he is strong, he must have 3 HP-s.

Big Fat Joe

He must have more HP-s with this disability, 7 HP would be good. If he can ride more horses and use binoculars with the same name, this is not needed.

Bruce Ling

Too weak, BRAWL is rare. 5 HP.

Burt Longcatcher & Colin Barrel

They are weak, 5 HP.

Crazy Horse

He is strong, 3 HP.

Dunkan Drunkman

5 HP.

James Stoneheart

How often is Cat Balou used?

Jimmy Squint

I do not like him.

Myke Myope

What is when he has a weapon? He can see another players in its range, without modifiers, or with -1.

One-Eyed Jack

Ranges of weapons are calculated in the effective direction.

Preston Presbyope

He is blind until he get a weapon (5 HP). It would be better with +1 distance modifier.

Sam Hypnotik

Not a long-lived character.

Ted Revenge

5 HP.
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