Does phase 3 happen when you're in jail?

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Does phase 3 happen when you're in jail?

Postby Guest » 01 Oct 2008, 02:52

Does phase 3 (discard excess cards) happen when you're in jail?

Postby lucabil » 01 Oct 2008, 09:43

In the original version of the game the answer was "yes".

In the new one the answer is "no". You skip the entire turn.
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Postby dmitrijsadlo » 06 Oct 2008, 12:57

oh shit. I think the new version sucks, then. (imo.) is there any [b:4d9ba543ae]reasoning[/b:4d9ba543ae] for this?
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Postby Guest » 07 Oct 2008, 12:46

Being Jail already make a player to lose a chance to draw 2 cards.
If discard is still needed,
the Jail is too powerful...

Postby c3le » 07 Oct 2008, 20:35

Dude, it is the jail. It's supposed to be a good card. We've always played it that you still must discard (if cards in hand > life points) if you stay in prison
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