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Rules for 2 players - Beer

Postby Guest » 29 Aug 2008, 14:40


the rules for 2 players says (

"Beer: can be played only on your exposed character."

And what about when the opponent plays a bang to one of your characters with only 1 live left? May you still play a beer (in opponents turn)? and when each one of the players has lost one of his characters (and there are only 2 characters) it is still possible?

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Postby lucabil » 29 Aug 2008, 15:46

Apart from the fact that the rules for 2 players are not so widely played and are not subject to official attention and review ...

... I'd take the rule as it is, that is you can play a beer only on your exposed character (during opponent's turn, it is the exposed character of your last turn).
When each of the player has lost one of the character, the game is exactly as a normal Multiplayer Bang game, that is: you can play beers but they have no effect.
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Postby Emiliano » 17 Sep 2008, 11:14

Actually, the "covered" character gets activated briefly when he is the target of some card (like Bang!), so you can play a Beer out of turn to save him.
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