Indians in Jail?

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Indians in Jail?

Postby remixv4 » 05 Apr 2007, 21:32

I get that If someones in jail they arent allowed to play BANG! cards, but if someone plays Indians, is the person in jail allowed to play a BANG! card to prevent getting stabbed to death? O.o

On that note, is a card like "smack" playable for indians as well?
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Postby lucabil » 06 Apr 2007, 09:19

The jail has no relation with your ability to play bang cards against Indians.
The jail affects only YOUR turn.
It has no effect while you have jail in front of you waiting for your turn,
nor has after your turn has come and you have discarded the jail (whether you skipped your turn or not).

With Indians you can only use Bang! cards ... but what are "smack" cards?!?!
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Postby remixv4 » 06 Apr 2007, 19:10

Whoops, wrote the other name, I meant punch lol
thanx for the reply
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