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El Gringo

Postby lucabil » 11 Apr 2006, 11:59

A player (let's call him John) plays a card like Indians (or Gatling or Howitzer)
Because of this card an outlaw dies and El Gringo (a third player) loses 1 life point.

Question: El Gringo draws from the John BEFORE or AFTER John gets the reward for killing the Outlaw?


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Re: El Gringo

Postby bonz » 28 May 2006, 18:07

lucabil wrote:Question: El Gringo draws from the John BEFORE or AFTER John gets the reward for killing the Outlaw?

I think El Gringo draws immediately after being hit.

Claiming the reward for the Outlaws takes some time requiring the shooter to go to the sheriffs office, doesn't it? :wink:
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Postby Jim » 07 Jun 2007, 07:32

We play that they happen as the players play in order. For instance, if the Outlaw is the first person to the left of the one who played Indians and they die, then the 3 cards are awarded immediately. THEN if the next person is El Gringo and gets hit, he THEN draws a card from the person who has now already collected the 3 card reward.

Similarly, if Bart Cassidy is hit AFTER the Outlaw dies from Indians, then he draws from the deck AFTER the reward is drawn from the deck.
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Postby srab » 07 Jun 2007, 08:54

In order
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Postby ScoutMan » 22 Jul 2010, 05:04

There is a post in the forum (I think from Emiliano) that says that Character Abilities PRECEED any Reward.

So, inspite the fact that the players respond to the Indians in turn order (at least that's how we play it to avoid confusion), the card is considered resolved after all players have discarded a BANG! or lost a life point. So, I think, El Gringo loses 1 life point and the Outlaw dies SIMULTANEOUSLY and thus El Gringo's (or Bart's) ability comes in first, before the 3-card reward.
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