Voluntary discard phase to avoid Fist Full of Cards?

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Voluntary discard phase to avoid Fist Full of Cards?

Postby Anonymous » 05 Apr 2006, 09:05

Ive been playing with some friends and alot of them are declaring that the discard phase can be "abused" to discard cards that cannot be played at the moment to avoid the wrath of the "Fist Full of Cards"

Ive been arguing that discarding to 0 cards EVEN when you are under your hand limit based on your current life total is NOT allowed

But many of them insist that the burden of proof rests on ME to prove that you CANNOT discard to 0 cards

Drawing on my card game experience from Magic, Illuminati, Pokemon, Uno etc... Ive never seen any card game that allows you to discard to 0 cards during any point in your turn for no reason other than to avoid bad effects from other cards

anyone have any clear rules errata on this or anything?

Postby lucabil » 05 Apr 2006, 09:11

General rules say that you cannot discard more cards that you need to.
No rule says that Fistful Of Cards changes this.

So it's easy. I think that you are right and your friends are not :)
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Postby Anonymous » 05 Apr 2006, 09:31

WOW lol

I post at 4 am and I get the fastest reply ever, thanks

Yeah I should have looked more carefully at the forums

I just read under the FAQ section under the 2.0 and 3.0 FAQ sections and question number 12 answers this very question

And yes we are correct that indeed you CANNOT discard voluntarily

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