Question for "Ghost" in Valley of Shadows

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Question for "Ghost" in Valley of Shadows

Postby legolai » 18 Dec 2015, 07:23

Hi guys,

For the card 'Ghost', according to the rule stated
"Ghost Play in front any eliminated player. He return to game without his ability and possibility to gain or lose any life point. He play as normal player."

Make it short, can this revived eliminated player be eliminated again as a "normal player"?

For example ,if I place a ghost card to a eliminated outlaw, when the ghost card is removed, does it count as the outlaw being eliminated again and trigger other character's effect or even cause one to draw 3 cards?

Many thanks for answering the question, it matters the result of a bet.

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Re: Question for "Ghost" in Valley of Shadows

Postby benabel » 19 Jan 2016, 16:17

So whenever is Ghost card removed from board, it triggers normal all elimination effect, but not Reward for Bandit. It is not consider as elimination by card Cat Balou or Panic effects, but elimination caused by lost of GHOST card.
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