Indians Killed both sheriff & outlaw, who wins?

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Indians Killed both sheriff & outlaw, who wins?

Postby Baron_Von_Koi » 20 Jul 2014, 14:28

There are 3 players left out of 5, Sheriff, 1 outlaw, and a deputy. The sheriff and the outlaw both have 1 health left and then the deputy plays Indians which kills both the sheriff and the outlaw. I have not been able to determine who won this game because other sites have given multiple explanations:

1. The sheriff and the deputy won since the deputy is the last one living.

2. The outlaws won since the sheriff was the next player clockwise to play his turn b/c the card is played clockwise.

3. The game is a draw since both the sheriff and the outlaw died at the same time.

I have the 10th anniversary edition of the game, I have not found anything in the rule book about cards like Indians being played clockwise, only one I know that gets played clockwise is "General Store." On the Video Game app though it shows all cards being played clockwise, but I figured its more for convenience. I welcome any explanations so I can finally put this round to the grave so to speak. Cheers. :D
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Re: Indians Killed both sheriff & outlaw, who wins?

Postby Suzy Lafayette » 20 Jul 2014, 20:16

The Outlaws won. No matter about the order, simply rule (a) says: if the Sheriff dies Outlaws win unless the Renegade is the only one still alive.
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Re: Indians Killed both sheriff & outlaw, who wins?

Postby benabel » 23 Jul 2014, 21:48

Outlaws won.

Wait until Indians will resolve then check win condition.

1, Renegade is not alive, even not solo living player
2, Sherrif is not alive, so LAW is out
3, Bandits.
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