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Postby Anonymous » 05 Jun 2006, 00:38

Can the Renegade kill the Sheriff before killing the Outlaws? Do the Outlaws win if the Renegade kills the Sheriff? If the Renegade kills the Sheriff accidently, what happens to the Renegade? Do the Outlaws win if they don't kill the Sheriff or do they just win when the Sheriff dies?

Postby Kirby » 12 Jun 2006, 01:37

If the Sherriff is killed, the outlaws immediately win. That means if the renegade kills the sherriff first (which is hard considering the sherriff reveals his identity) he hands the victory to the outlaws. This means that the renegade has to finish any outlaws and deputies first, killing the sherriff last.
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Thank you

Postby Anonymous » 14 Jun 2006, 22:36

Thank you very much! It took quite a while for me to finally get a response back. Thanks again!

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