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Dead Reckonin’ & Dead Man’s Hand Print
Thursday, 18 November 2010 17:48 | Written by srab

The following are two separate variants for Bang!. Both are intended to give dead players something to do while waiting for the game to finish up. If you want the dead players to have an effect on the living game, play with Variant 1, Bang! Dead Reckonin’. If you want the dead player to have little effect on the living game but don’t want them twiddling their thumbs, play with Variant 2: Bang! Dead Man’s Hand.

Variant 1: Bang! Dead Reckonin’

Overview: Sometimes dead ain’t all that dead after all. In this variant, players killed off still can compete with other ghosts to influence which side wins the game. After each turn of the Sheriff, Ghosts compare two card hands and the winner selects a ghost action to play on any living player.

The Rules
When a player dies, he discards all of his cards and reveals his role (as per the regular rules). He immediately draws two new cards. The Ghost player continues playing in turn order.

On the Ghost’s turn, he draws cards to get his hand up to four. After the Sheriff’s turn, each Ghost plays two cards from his hand. The Ghost with the best two card hand (Pairs or High Card) wins the opportunity to interact with the living. No one wins tied hands. If there is only one Ghost, he must at least play an Ace or a Pair to do the special ghost ability.

Ghost Abilities
What the winner can do is dependant upon the suit of the highest card played in his two card hand. He gets to choose which suit to use in the case of a pair.

♥ Heart: Inspirin’ the Livin’ – Heal one bullet of any living player. If you were an Outlaw while alive, you may instead heal that bullet for yourself; you are now a living player again, but only until the end of your next turn when you will become a ghost again.

♦ Diamond: Leavin’ a Will – Draw a card from the draw deck, look at it and give it to any living player to put in their hand. If you were a Deputy while alive, you may draw two cards instead of one and choose one of them to give to another player.

♣ Club: Spook - Discard one card from any living player (in play or randomly from hand). If you were a Renegade while alive, you may play this on two living players instead of one.

♠ Spade: Scared to Death – Counts as playing a Bang! card against any one living player. The victim can avoid taking damage as per normal rules (Missed, Barrels, etc). If you were a Renegade while alive, you may play this on two living players instead of one. If all players are dead, the dead Renegade wins the game.

•    Dead Players do not have the character special abilities they had when they were living. Dead Players cannot play any card on a living player.
•    Dead Players do not count in determining distance between Living Players.
•    Dead Players are immune to all powers and cards played by Living Players.

High Noon Special Rule: if Ghost Town card comes up, Dead Players ignore their Dead Man’s Hand and play as per High Noon rules for that round.