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A Fistful of Cards Print
Saturday, 20 November 2010 00:29 | Written by Andy636



A Fistful of Cards - At the beginning of your turn, you are the target of as many BANG! as the number of cards in your hand.

Abadoned Mine - In phase 1 of your turn, you must draw from the discard pile if possible. If you can, then for the whole turn you play cards face down on the draw deck.

Ambush - The distance between any two players is 1. This is modiefied as normal by cards in play.

Blood Brothers - At the beginning of your turn, you may lose one life (not your last one!) to give one life to any player you choose.

Dead Man - On your turn, if you were the first player eliminated, you come back into play with 2 life and 2 cards until killed again.

Hard Liquor - You may skip phase 1 to regain 1 life point.

Lasso - Cards in play in front of all players have no effect for the entire round.

Law of the West - During phase 1 of your player's turn, you must show the 2nd card drawn. If possible, that card must be played that turn.

Peyote - Instead of drawing in phase 1, you must guess if the suit color of the top card on the deck is red or black. You then draw and show it: if you guessed right, you keep it. Repeat until you guess wrong, then proceed to phase 2.

Ranch - At the end of phase 2 of your turn, you may discard any number od cards from your hand and then draw an equal number from the deck (only once!).

Ricochet - You may discard a BANG! card against a card in play in front of any player: each card is discarded if its owner does not play a Missed! card. You may do this as long as you have BANG! cards.

Russian Roulette - When Russian Roulette enters play, starting from the Sheriff each player discards a Missed!, until one player does not: that player loses 2 life points and the Roulette stops.

Sniper - During your turn, you may discard 2 BANG! cards together and target a player: this counts as a BANG! but it may only be cancelled by 2 Missed! cards.

The Judge - For the whole round, you cannot play cards in front of yourself or any other player.

Vendetta - At the end of your turn, you "draw!": on a Heart, you play another turn ( but you do not "draw!" again).