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Saturday, 20 November 2010 00:21 | Written by Andy636


Blessing - The suit of all cards is Hearts(♥) for the whole round.

Curse - The suit of all cards is Spades(♠) for the whole round.

Ghost town - During their turns, eliminated players return to the game as ghost. They draw 3 cards instead of 2, and cannot die. At the end of thier turn, they are eliminated again.

Gold rush - The game proceeds counter-clockwise for one whole round, always starting with the Sheriff. All card effects proceed clockwise.

Handcuffs - After drawing his cards in phase 1, the player whose turn it is names a suit: he can only play cards of that suit during his turn.

Hangover - All characters lose their special abilities for the whole round.

High Noon - Each player loses 1 life point at the start of his turn.

New Identity - At the beginning of their turn, each player looks at the character he is using to keep track of his life points. He may switch to the new identity for the rest of the game, starting with 2 life points.

Shootout - Each player can play a second BANG! card during his turn.

The Daltons - When The Daltons enters play, each player who has any (blue) cards in front of him, chooses one of them and discards it.

The Doctor - When The Doctor enters play, the player(s) still in game with the fewest current life points regain(s) 1 life point.

The Reverend- Players cannot play any Beer cards for the whole round.

The Sermon - Each player cannot use BANG! cards during his turn.

Train Arrival - Each player draws one extra card at the end of phase 1 of his turn.

Thirst - Each player only draws his first card, not the second one, during phase 1 of his turn.