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BANG! Valley of Shadows Print
Friday, 28 January 2011 18:04 | Written by Martin "benabel" Blažko
It is now. Czech expansion of card game has got new name BANG THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS. The author of winning idea is Michaela Dofkova.
Content of czech BANG expansion - part I. Print
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 16:59 | Written by Tým Albi Česká republika a.s.

There is first part of content:


1. Shotgun, blue, range 1

Eachtime you hit a player with card BANG!, hit player must discard a card from his hand at his choice(if possible).

2. Mick Defender, char 4 life point

If he is the only target of a card others than BANG, he may use MISSED! card to avoid that card.

3. Escape, brown

If you are the target of a card other than BANG!, avoid effect of card.

4. Last Beer(Medic Kit), brown

Refills 1 life point.

5. ARROW, brown

BANG at distance 2

6. FANNING, brown

Counts as a BANG! at reachable distance. A player of your choice at distance 1 from that player(if any, except you) is the target of a BANG!, too.

7. Wild Band, brown

All other players discard a BANG! card or lose 2 cards of their choice their hand.

8. Lemat, blue, range 1

In your turn, you may use any card in your hand as a BANG! card.

9. Lemonade Jim, char 4

Each time another player plays a BEER card, Lemonade Jim may discard a card to regain 1 life point.

10. Wanted! (Bounty)

piut in front any player. If that player is hit by a BANG! card, teh player who shot him draws a card from the deck.


Next round of 10 card will publish soon.



MartinCity alias Dark side of World Print
Monday, 24 January 2011 10:51 | Written by benabel Martin Blažko

My mentioned expansion is done. Todays, I have already publiced 20 characters on this link. All text are only in english.


You can find them in english forum in category NEW CARDS.

New FAQ for Wild West Show is in the world Print
Thursday, 20 January 2011 20:13 | Written by benabel

Today 20.01.2011, the italian editor DVGIOCHI publiced new FAQ for Wild West Show in own pages. The english and italian version are aviable. You can find both versions in this page section "Downloads", too.

Here is link for english version on DVCGIOCHI's pages:


Contest for new name of czech expansion Print
Saturday, 15 January 2011 09:47 | Written by benbel - moderní hry


Czech BANG! expansion knows own content Print
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 18:18 | Written by ALBI

After a long pause, we have the winner of the proposals of the Czech and Slovak players Bang! Emilliano Sciarra had a great job with testing and design modifications and presumed to have the choice to add some of his wishes. Some participants in the competition then got another chance. Several proposals have been modified and may have changed the name.

Reward for BANG! fans who have a proposal / s in selection for Czech spreading BANG shirt with a motif and a shopping voucher worth 1000Kč to shop www.modernihry.cz that they receive an e-mail.

We thank all participants and congratulate the authors of selected proposals.

Proposals selected author Bang Emiliano Sciarra are as follows:

  1. Shootgun
  2. Mick Defender
  3. Escape
  4. Macheta/Lemat
  5. Tomahawk/Arrow
  6. Penetration Arrow/Fanning
  7. Wild Band
  8. Last Beer/Medic Kit
  9. Lemonade Jim
  10. Wanted!/Bounty
  11. Henry Block
  12. Counterstrike/Backfire
  13. Evalyn The Bang
  14. Double Hit/Aimming
  15. Trap/Rattlesnake
  16. Saved!
  17. Poker
  18. Ghost
  19. Tornado
  20. Colorado Bill

The texts will be published in the cards within 14 days and you'll be able to comment that concisely and clearly formulated. The order of the list is irrelevant.

ALBI SpA Czech Republic wishes to all the fans of the game Bang! good luck and success in this legendary game.


Thursday, 16 December 2010 13:50 | Written by Martin Blažko

I decide to create my own unofficial expansion for BANG with incoming ELDORADO 2010. I have already created above 200 own cards for this expansion. I plan to public as soon as done. What are you looking for?

  • 15-20 new characters
  • 15-30 playing cards
  • 15 special cards
  • new 2 mechanics
  • new typ of card

The pictures aren't done yet. I have all texts for cards, but I only needs to select, test and add picture for each. News will be added.

Best regards.

Martin Blazko

Testovanie pre Emiliana Print
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 18:49 | Written by benabel

Emiliano Sciarra vytvoril stránku s fórom, kde sa môžu zahlásiť ľudia. V rámci tohto fóra existuje možnosť zapojiť sa do testovanie pre Emiliana.

Pre testovanie je dobre, ak by ste sa zaregistrovali do daného fora.

Testovanie Emiliano rozdelil na viac typov testerov.

Solo tester

  • toto asi nik nebude spĺnať, kvôly podmienke blízkosti k miestu bydliska Emiliana (do 100 km)

Skupinový tester

  • osoba reprezentuje vedúceho aspoň 4 ľudí, prípadne člena tohto tímu
  • nemusíte byť z Itálie
  • mali by ste ovladať anglický jazyk, alebo aspoň vedúci tímu

Ak ma niekdo záujem, prosím kontaktujete Emiliana emailom alebo RP na tomto fóre.

V maili/RP udajte informacie:

  • O aký typ testovania máte záujem SOLO/SKUPINA
  • O aký typ hier na testovanie máte záujem(BANG, kartove hry, ...)
  • Koľko ľudi je vo vašej skupine a ako často sa stretávate a hráte hry
  • Informacie o sebe(Meno Priezvisko, Mesto, štát/krajina, záujmy)

Informacie ešte upresním.

S pozdravom Martin Blažko

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